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7 habits that destroy your smile

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The saying “old habits die hard” can be perfectly applied to this situation. This is because the maintenance of your teeth is a lifelong process. And if you add some bad habits into this equation, it can make the whole process even more difficult.

So for your convenience, I have listed below 7 bad habits which you should recognize and eliminate from your life if you want to maintain your pearly whites.

  • Soda

Everybody likes drinking soda once in a while, which is absolutely fine. But the problem starts to arise when you start drinking it on a frequent, or even daily basis. This is because it leaves a constant coating of sugar and acids on your teeth throughout the day. This then slowly build up over time and starts rotting your teeth. Regardless of whether it is regular or diet soda, it is best to stay away from these fizzy drinks if you want to prevent cavities.

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  • Chewing ice

Even though we might think of chewing ice to be completely harmless, it is actually not. Chewing ice is considered to be one of the biggest causes of chipped or cracked teeth in people. So unless you are looking to bill up a large sum to the dentist, try avoiding doing this.

  • Grinding your teeth

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We all can admit to doing this from time to time. What we fail to comprehend are the negative consequences. Teeth grinding will eventually wear down your teeth. If you have this bad habit of grinding your teeth at night, try putting on a mouth guard and then going to sleep.  If you tend to do this during times of stress, try finding out other stress-busting habits. Or else, your teeth and your wallet will have to pay the price for this bad habit.


  • Hard candy and cough drops

Cough drops may be found in the medicine aisle but they certainly are not medicines for your teeth. These things tend to have some of the highest sugar concentrations. These sugary substances tend to coat your teeth. It then combines with the plaque to form an acid which then slowly rots away your teeth. However, if you believe that you truly need a cough drop, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.

  • Not flossing your teeth

floss upper teeth habits that destroy your smile 7 habits that destroy your smile floss uper teeth 300x164Not flossing your teeth is also considered to be a bad oral habit. Daily flossing helps to clear the plaque in between your teeth which can then prevent gum diseases. Flossing is relatively easy and convenient and can be done any time.

  • Sports drinks

Sports drinks tend to have as much sugar as sodas. So even if the advertising says they are healthy, they are actually not. So just like sodas, try to limit your consumption of sports drinks. Also, make it a point to brush your teeth afterwards.

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  • Opening things with your teeth

If you open things like bottle caps with your teeth, they will eventually lead to your teeth being chipped or cracked. So unless you are looking to experience a painful trip to the dentist, try to stop this habit as soon as possible.