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Waterpik ultra water flosser review

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Have you heard of water flossers? They are the most advanced and most sophisticated electronic dental care solutions that clean your game and keeps your teeth healthy without causing any unnecessary bleeding or pain. While researching for the best water flosser in the market, Ultra water flosser from Waterpik caught my eyes. Not only it has a very good rating from customers, it also has over 5000 customer reviews within last 8 months, which is amazing. Here, check this out.

I found it a bit fishy and thought to myself, how can a water flosser get so many sells and so many positive reviews in so little time? So, I dug out some features, pros and cons about this product and let me share some with you.


Waterpik Ultra Water flosser review  Waterpik ultra water flosser review Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser wp 100 158x300The most effective fact about this product is that it is made and marketed by “Waterpik” who are currently a leading brand in the water flosser industry. Since 1970s, when dentists started using water flossers on a professional level, Waterpikhas made quality water flosser to fulfill the market demand. They have a very good reputation of manufacturing water flossers that never lets its users down. Plus, they are easy to use and handy to control.

Here are some features that you will love about Waterpik ultra water flosser:

Comfortable usability

Like most Waterpik flosser, the ultra water flosser is made up of durable plastic as well, which makes it easy to control and durable for long term use. Plus, the outside cover of this flosser is also shock proof as well. So, as you floss your teeth in the bathroom, there is a very little chance of you getting shocked from the Flosser’s electricity flow.

Another fact why this water flosser is so popular in the market is that the functionally and the controller built in on this flosser are very easy to understand and get hold of. To start the flosser, just fill up the water reservoir and press the on switch on the flosser. Voila, your flosser is ready to make your teeth absolutely germ and bacteria free.

Effective and affordable dental care solution

I personally like water flossers, because they work. I used to have bad breath and black marks on my teeth and floss strings didn’t work at all. I used various mouth washes and flossing mixtures as well, but they only caused temporary whiteness but I wanted something more.

I have found water flossers to be the best and most gum friendly dental care solution ever. As a water flosser cleans our gums and teeth with water flows programmed with perfect intervals, you can bet that you will always have a germ and bacteria free mouth each and every day. People who have posted water flosser reviews on Amazon have stated this fact, as the primary reason to buy a water flosser. And this reason is true for Waterpik ultra water flosser as well.

To help the customer to get the best value for their purchase, this water flosser package comes with 6 types of flosser tops with different designs that will take care of your gums and teeth pockets effectively. If you look at the price tag of the low mediocre quality flosser, you will find that most of them comes with a single flosser pipe and you need to buy the rest. So, if you ask me Waterpik ultra water flosser is currently providing the best value for price on the market.

Gum friendly PSI and

Too strong PSI can cause damage to your tooth root canals while too weak may fail to clean your gums from bacteria and food debris. According to maximum 5 out of 5 water flosser reviews on this flosser, I have found that the water pressure of this flosser stays within 10-90 PSI with 1200 pulses per minute, which is a decent PSI to clean away all the food debris that hides in the space between your teeth. This water pressure has proven effective for people with braces as well. Some of the customers who are currently wearing braces has mentioned this flosser as the best water flosser for braces as well.


Here are some facts that makes this flosser worthy of such an enormous amount of orders within such short time.

  • This water flosser has been clinically proven to be 93% more effective then flossing your teeth with regular flossing
  • Superior dental cleaning for people braces, crowns, bridges, implants.
  • Proven effective in removing dental plaques from hard to reach areas
  • Customizable water pressure setting for healthy smooth flossing
  • Large enough water reservoir for 90 seconds plus flossing
  • 50% more effective than traditional flossing to improve gum health
  • 14 days to healthier gum full-refund policy included(click for details)


While reading the some of the best water flosser reviews at amazon, I have found some minor setbacks about this water flosser which I thought you should know. While most people get highly impressed with the number of positive reviews of this one of the best water flosser on Amazon, I think it is important to know about the setbacks of products as well.

The major setback or con of this product is that if you fail to connect the tip of the flosser on the platform then water will leak and you will have a pretty annoying water flossing experience. This is something that many customer have complained about it on the water flosser review sections of amazon.

But this problem can be easily solved, if you carefully attach the flosser tip on the top of the platform carefully. There is a ring on tip hole which should be placed perfectly within the tip and the connecting joint. If you can make sure that the flosser is connected perfectly then there will be no problem at all.

How to get discounted price link on Waterpik Ultra water flosser?

While reading through the reviews of this water flosser, I have found that most customers have suggested others to buy this water flosser with discount links which helps a customer to get more value with less money spent. If you are ready to buy this top of the line water flosser with the best value discount coupon then click this ultra water flosser discount link.

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