The most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures

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affordable cosmetic dentistry affordable cosmetic dentistry The most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures affordable cosmetic dentistry 300x200Our teeth make up a very important part of our entire face. According to most people, physical appearances play a very defining role in how most people judge each other nowadays. This is because if the teeth are not properly aligned or there are chipped or broken tooth here and there, not only does it destroy the smile but can also severely impact the self-confidence as well. People become shy and hesitant to smile openly because of this notion that people will laugh and make fun of them. So while there is the solution of cosmetic dentistry, people want options of affordable cosmetic dentistry. These procedures are being done for both aesthetic and restorative purposes. The following are the most common and in demand cosmetic dentistry procedures which are being conducted in modern times:

Dental fillings is considered to be the most famous procedure whenever people think about affordable cosmetic dentistry. This is because people of all ages are getting dental fillings done on a daily basis. This procedure is done to repair teeth which have become damaged as a result of advanced decay. Many of the dentists also give the recommendation of a dental filling over an extraction. This is in those cases where they think that the tooth, or even teeth, have the possibility of being saved.

  • Dental crowns

Dental crown is another popular remedy of cosmetic procedures. These are quite similar to dental fillings. The only difference is that crowns are more durable and have also been found to last longer. The decay is first removed before the crown is applied. Then the remaining tooth structure is reinforced. After this, a tooth made of porcelain is fitted over the crown. This is not only done to protect the teeth but also cover broken, discolored, and chipped tooth

  • Dental bonding

If you have a gap between your teeth which is very unfavorable to look at, then you can go for the option of dental bonding. This includes the application of material which is of the same color as your present teeth. This not only acts as a filler between the blank spaces but have also been used to cover up broken and discolored teeth.

  • Whitening of the teeth

For those people who are looking for affordable cosmetic dentistry without going through the additional hassle, then the option of teeth whitening is perfect for them. This procedure includes cleaning the teeth to remove the yellow stains which have built up over the years. But do not confuse teeth whitening with bleaching. This is because bleaching can result in extremely white and unattractive looking teeth. But in the case of teeth whitening, the dentist will ensure that the color matches the current color of your teeth.

  • Veneers

The last option is veneers. This procedure includes the placement of ceramic sheets or very thin porcelain over the damaged teeth. This is done to make the teeth look even or whiter.

Cosmetic dentistry cost

The cost of cosmetic dentistry may differ depending on the dentist and the severity of the problem. But believe it or not, most of the procedures are actually more reasonable than you might think.