Tooth transplant cost and information

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Tooth transplant , also known as dental implants, is quite a frequent procedure which is growing in demand with every passing day. In this procedure, one of your tooth is picked out and then moved to another part of your mouth. Usually a premolar tooth is used to conduct this procedure. The premolar teeth can be found between the larger molar teeth and the eye teeth, which are also known as the canines.

Why you need to have a tooth transplant?

The reason why you might need to undergo a tooth transplant if a front tooth is missing, damaged, or has been knocked out in an unfortunate accident. For that, many people become conscious and do not want to smile widely. So as a part of an orthodontic treatment, the premolar teeth are often removed as an attempt to straighten the teeth. And in those cases where the premolar teeth need to be extracted, they are just taken from one place and then moved to another one. 

The procedure of a tooth transplant

tooth transplant cost Tooth transplant cost Tooth transplant cost and information Tooth transplant 300x162The premolar tooth transplant is usually conducted in four steps by majority of the oral surgeon. These are as follows:

  • The transplant is usually conducted by giving the patient general anesthesia but it can also be done under local anesthesia as well.
  • Firstly, the damaged tooth is taken out which is usually done at the time of the transplant. In those cases where a tooth has been found to be missing, then a space will be made in the middle of the jaw bone. This is to make space for the transplanted tooth to be inserted.
  • During the transplant, the premolar tooth is taken out and then moved to its new position in a careful manner. With a wired glue placed on the adjacent teeth, the new tooth will be held into its new place.
  • The gum is then given 7-10 days to heal after the transplant has taken place. 

Benefits and risks of this procedure

Some of the benefits which patients will be able to enjoy are:

  • As you grow, the new position of the tooth will be maintained. In this way, putting braces will also not be a hassle.
  • The transplanted tooth may take over the function of operating as your original tooth in a lot of cases.
  • It holds the bone and space for the future. If dental implants are needed later in life, then that option is left open as well.

However, there are some risks which are included in tooth transplant as well. These are:

  • Some amount of pain being felt
  • Infection which might prevent the gum to heal and the tooth might also be lost
  • The nerve within the tooth does not heal. This can lead to root filling being needed later on.
  • The dissolving away of the root, which can eventually lead to the loss of teeth. 

Cost of tooth transplant

The cost of tooth transplant procedure tends to vary from one dental clinic to the other. However, the average price ranges from $1,000 and $3,000 if only one tooth is being transplanted.