If you are in search of the best dental cleaning tools, then you must give ZJchao 3 in 1 oral dental hygiene LED professional cleaning tool kits a try. This is because it provides dental cleaning tools at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Dental Cleaning ToolsProduct features

  • Illuminated handle 8000MCD super LED light
  • Great for personal use
  • Can be only cleaned with water
  • Each handle contains 3 button batteries
  • Recommended and approved by dentists across the nation for daily use.

Contents of the packaged product

  • LED dental mirror
  • Plaque remover
  • Tooth stain eraser

The stain eraser feature is truly one of the highlights of this product. It is not highly abrasive. You can simply rub it along your gum line. The LED lights help you to see clearly what is going on. Since the vibrator does not work that well, you will have to do the job manually. But this should be done with a lot of time. If you try to get it done quickly, accidents might happen. On a side note, this feature is not good for dentures.


How the stain eraser works

The stain eraser works by simply putting the gray tip on the tooth which you want to clean. You then move the eraser up and down or back and forth. It completely depends on where it is located. The LED light helps the task easier to see the stain.

Since the toothbrush is quite stiff, it does not require a thorough brushing after every user.


  • Braces friendly
  • LED lights help to clearly see inside situations
  • Helps to quickly identify the hidden dirt nestled deep within your teeth
  • Can be used for a long time
  • Easy to replace the battery
  • Grinding head helps to reduce the adhesion of stains on teeth
  • Recommended and approved by dentists from across the state
  • Helps to get off any kinds of stains on your teeth
  • Durable enough to remove the hardened plaque which harms gums and teeth
  • Handles are perfect for solid gripping
  • Well worth the price
  • Prompt delivery
  • Very effective in cleaning coffee stains from teeth

ZJchao 3 in 1 Oral Dental Hygeine LED Professional Cleaning Kits On the down side, the stain eraser does not include a vibrating option. But the bright LED lights help to overcome this drawback. It provides you with sufficient light to see what is going on inside your mouth. This is just like getting your routine dental checkup, but at the comfort of your own home.

One customer has also complained about the dental kit scratching up the enamel. Therefore, it is not fit for use for porcelain veneers. The trick here is to use the dental tools very gently. Since they have sharp tips, they should be used with extra caution so as not to injure yourself.

The tartar removal tool has been found to be too flimsy. In reality, it has a very solid head. The patterns also make for easy handling.

As a result, this dental kit has generated mostly favorable reviews. Even though it comes with an affordable price tag, it does provide you with the benefits which you require.